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Oak Meadows Stables
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Horsemanship Lessons Tell the Story of the Horse & Rider

Lessons at Oak Meadows are focused on comprehensive horsemanship – where safety is a priority, from routine care, grooming, groundwork games, and handling to riding and owning your own horse.

We teach a balanced seat in both Western and English disciplines and incorporate bareback work to improve the student's harmony with the horse Students will learn to build a partnership with their horse using the principles of Love, Language, and Leadership. The focus of every lesson is not only to help the student improve in his or her horsemanship skills but also to enjoy the experience of working and playing with horses.

Weekly lesson fees of $50 for group lessons and includes the use of the horse, tack, and grooming equipment. The student is asked to provide an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet and shoes with a right-angle heel. School helmets are available for use until the student is able to obtain one for him/herself. Private lessons are $75 per session.

Our School Horses are specially selected for their dispositions and "Horsenalities" and go through extensive training before earning the badge of School Horse! We teach each student how to communicate with the horse and how to recognize the horse's communication back to them.

Questions by email to maggiebarnett1316@hotmail.com or by texting +1 (256) 690-8717

Summer Camp Camp Dates for 2024

✨ Home School Camp Date
     May 20-24,  2024
✨ Beginner 1 Camp Dates
     June 3-7, June 24-28   or
     July 15-19, 2024
✨ Beginner 2 Camp Dates
     June 17-21 or July 22-26, 2024
✨ Intermediate Camp Date
     July 8-12, 2024
✨ Advanced Camp
     May 27-31, 2024
We at Oak Meadows understand that safety is a priority and that proper clothing protects from the elements.  During our hot summers, lightweight stretchy jeans, capris, or shorts that reach the knee are fine.  Each Student needs their own Sunscreen so they can reapply as needed.  Sunglasses help in bright sunshine.  We also require a boot that protects the ankle, has a smooth sole, and no more than a ½ inch heel.
To register please print and fill out our Summer camp registration shown below.  You can type in all information except signature in the unlocked Word file.
We fill very quickly, so register as soon as possible.  The fee for horse camp is $425 per week with the first $125 as a nonrefundable deposit at registration. $300 balance due first day of camp.
 ***If you anyone has any questions or concerns you can call/text our riding instructor,Maggie Barnett, at 256-690-8717.  Completed forms can also be emailed to maggiebarnett1316@hotmail.com and pimsand@oakmeadowsstables.com.
New Student Packet 2024 are required for 2024.  Registration can also be paid via Paypal (see payments page)